Bluetit – pastel on pastelmat card – 30cm x 30cm

About Julie Wilson

Hello, I am a pastel artist from Northern Ireland. I live and work near Belfast and I’m a member of the Pastel Society of Ireland.

Northern Ireland is pretty petite and bijou, with the added bonus being that it feels like I’m surrounded by beaches and mountains that are perfect for romps with my dog, Patches. Even in rainy Ireland I am drawn to painting the stunning landscapes and wildlife about me!

With every painting I try to catch a sense of memory or nostalgia, or the feeling of wonder or excitement or curiosity that I have when I first see a particular scene or encounter something that interests me.

I’m particularly drawn to light-play on water or in the sky and I love capturing moments and scenes from my native County Down.

I also love painting animals – wildlife or pets – and I enjoy the challenge of trying to convey what it is that makes each animal unique.

For me art is something that grounds me. It captivates me; takes me away from all external pressures and allows me to lose myself in the process, whilst often challenging me to push beyond my comfort zone. It forces me to think about each element of a painting, whilst allowing me to think about nothing at all; and it’s made me look at the natural world around me with a whole new level of awareness, for which I will always be grateful.

I hope you enjoy my work and find something that triggers a memory or a sense of place or peace.


Meet the artist – complete with “pastel face”

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

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