A new piece

Tonight i finished a painting. I like the back story to this one – I had donated a painting of a bluetit with cherry blossom as a prize in a lockdown charity zoom quiz.

By a strange quirk the quiz master won the painting, but then i felt bad ‘cos he didn’t seem a bluetit and cherry blossom kind of guy , and y’know, wherever my paintings end up, I want them to be a good match. So instead i offered to paint whatever else they wanted and they chose this – the KEA – a bird I hadn’t heard of till a few weeks ago.

I love the blurry out of focus of the background and wingtips to suggest movement contrasted with the sharp focus of the head and that flash of scarlet.

Have just finished a mammoth session at the easel and though I’ll check it again in daylight, for tonight I’m calling time on this one.

So one painting ends and another begins. I’ve got 3 commissions left before Christmas and then I have big plans for a big self-indulgent painting project in the new year…. I’m excited and daunted. And you’re just going to have to watch this space.

Night night folks

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