Seabirds at Dundrum

I have to admit, when I started this set of seabirds in late February I didn’t expect to still be painting them in mid May. But they’ve seen through the end of winter to the start of the warm weather.

I usually feel a mix of elation, excitement and sadness when I come to the end of a painting project – in the same way you do approaching the end of a book that you’ve loved.

This time is with relief, and a little satisfaction, that I get to set down my pastels and step back. I am tired. And the egret in particular has been a challenge to capture.

However I am pleased. There’s something in each one that I’m proud of. I love the sunlight catching the long shafts of the egret’s feathers; I love how light and delicate the avocet looks against the blurred background; i love the power of the heron; and the luminescence of the cormorant’s plumage.

I have my favourite; what’s yours?

Egret, pastel on card, 50 x 50cm
Taking off, heron, pastel on card, 50 x 50cm
Avocet, pastel on card, 30cm x 30cm
Cormorant, the sun worshipper, pastel on card, 30 x 30cm
The full set
Work in progress

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