Sky and sea

Not an art post today but a tribute in celebration of the start of summer and a day’s sailing under sunny, cloud-streaked skies on Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

The most relaxing sounds in the world

Gentle winds, no real agenda, just a vague plan to head up the Lough, enjoy the sights and sounds and snacks and company.

I’ve painted the skies over the Lough before – my painting “Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky” (Van Morrison fans on high alert) was painted here, on a day when the clouds looked dramatically extraterrestrial.

Smell the Sea and feel the sky

Gentler skies this time, with the sun clearing the haze to leave steaks of white across blue and to reveal the Mourne Mountains in the distance.

A glorious day. This is Northern Ireland, so we don’t take the weather for granted. But for today, summer is here.

racing fleet in the background
Hazy Mournes
Not the windiest day!
Trasna Island – from which i randomly helped heard rare breed cattle earlier in the year (!)

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