Sunshine on a cloudy day

I’ve been racing the onset of winter with this latest project to transform a wooden gazebo…


…into a perpetually sunny, coastal themed summer-house, and finally finished last weekend.


I’m pleased with the results which combine traditional postcard scenes on the outside panels with a more ethereal internal vibe of airy sky- blue walls and ceilings complete with graceful swooping arctic terns.

So the finished product should brighten even the dullest of Northern Ireland winters for years to come. But this was no easy task – i spent hours painting contorted into all shapes – lying on my side, or kneeling, or cross-legged till my muscles ached; or standing atop a ladder, bending backwards to paint above me (kudos, Michaelangelo – you were made of sterner stuff than me)

But it’s all worth it to see the finished transformation – here’s a video of how it went –

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