New year, new outlook, new painting

I like to welcome the new year with a new painting and this year is no different. I spent the morning of new year’s day planting climbing roses and clearing up in my garden, then was driven indoors and spent a few hours up in my attic studio starting a new work in progress, a glass of red on the table, as rain beat against the roof tiles. I love such afternoons.

Last new year’s day I started my painting “The Kelpies”, which I really love, with its filtering light and its supernatural sub-aqua magical realism theme. You can see it below…

This year I’ve thought about what I loved most about The Kelpies and what I would change. I’m still drawn to the filtering, dappling light of underwater and feel like I could spend the whole of 2022 and beyond painting underwater scenes. That’s why my new work in progress picks up on the light and colour and kelp of the Kelpies. And whilst I’m hoping for a touch of magic, this painting will be rooted in realism, but that wonderful other-worldly realism that you find beneath the waves.

It’s very early days and there is much magic still to be added with more and more layers of pastel. But here’s the progress so far after a few rainy hours on new year’s day.

Work in progress – so huge it won’t all fit on my easel. 70cm x 100cm
a little seal who will be half- hidden in the sea kelp

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