“The present is the point at which time touches eternity”

Ballyholme Beach, October 2020

The quote is from CS Lewis and I guess it bears no correlation at all to the image, except both make me pause and reflect.

That’s my dog in the photograph, racing the beach and living his best life. He turned 11 yesterday and I know that our time together is limited, but this image of him racing into the sea will always cheer me.

I used this picture in a previous post – it celebrated the turn of the seasons, autumnal beaches and wintry socially distanced car boot picnics with friends that were good for the soul.

I knew when i took the photo that I’d want to try to capture the evening clouds spread out across a big sky and the lights and shadows of Belfast Lough reflected across the wet sand in pastel.

I’ve loads more to do, but I’m pleased with the progress so far.

Time is fleeting. I’ve had a glorious week of beach walks and painting and no time commitments – which sadly comes to an end tomorrow with a return to the office, so no doubt my progress will slow down.

For now I’ll leave you with thoughts of dogs racing across beaches and time galloping apace, with this timelapse video of progress.

Painting like the divil is chasing me.

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