Countdown to…

…. the 2020 ‘Virtual Pandemic’ Exhibition by the Pastel Society of Ireland.

This is one of the events that I’ve been working towards and I’ve got three paintings included in this really diverse exhibition.

Into the Blue
Large original pastel painting of #polarbear diving into #arctic #sea #polar #animal #winter #ice #tundra #subaqua Soft pastels on Clairefontaine pastelmat card. 50cm x 70cm

The exhibition will open on Saturday 7th November and will be avaliable to view and buy a range of original art from all across Ireland at http://www.islandartscentre/exhibitions

It brings together a diverse collection of art to mark what has been such a challenging year for everyone. Throughout 2020, in the face of the physical threats posed by COVID-19 and the hardships and challenges of lockdown, one factor that has become obvious across the world has been the importance of creativity to our sense of wellbeing – be that through gardening, home improvements, craft, or – in our case – pastel painting.


Large original pastel painting of #polarbear in #arctic #sea. 50cm x70cm. Soft pastel on Clairefontaine pastelmat card

Whilst we have been unable to host what would have been our 31st Annual Exhibition, instead we are able to invite people into the socially distanced world of our Virtual , Pandemic Exhibition 2020 – a collection of 54 works from 24 of our members, from across the whole of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The artists participating in the exhibition have breathed new life into the centuries-old medium of pastels, producing a diverse range of fresh, innovative and at times challenging works.

The themes covered are familiar and relevant to all of us in these unique times and touch on the importance (or absence) of family, community, love, nature, the environment, the temporal and the permanent – all of the things that connect us, even while the need for social distancing and ongoing lockdown restrictions keep us apart.

Doe and Calf
Original soft pastel painting on Clairefontaine pastelmat card of #doe and her #calf in #winter #landscape. #deer 30cm x 30cm

All of the artists who have contributed to the exhibition are members of the Pastel Society of Ireland, which brings together pastel artists from across the whole of the island of Ireland to promote the use of this medium.

Please join us



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Virtual Pandemic Exhibition 2020

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