Trumpet fanfare!!

Finally it’s here!

The VIRTUAL PANDEMIC EXHIBITION of 2020 by the Pastel Society of Ireland.

It’s been a challenging year. Across the whole world we are agreed on that. Its been full of tears and fears and loss and loneliness. But it’s also shown us unexpected joys and love and new friendships and hopes.

Throughout it all creativity has been a godsend to many – a release; an escape; a strength – whether through gardening, poetry, DIY or (as with us) pastel art.

This online virtual exhibition, launching today at brings together 54 works by 24 Irish artists to celebrate the highs and lows of


The exhibition draws out the themes that have connected and brought us together as families and communities this year – love, loneliness, nature – even as we’ve been held apart.

It will be online until 7 December with a new featured artist everyday. Why not join us and take a virtual tour.

Julie Wilson


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