Home improvements

During lockdown #1 i struggled to focus on my pastel painting and started to turn my house into a (no longer) blank canvas to save my sanity. It started with just tidying my garden fence which had become a shameful, green-covered dilapidated mess. Then i painted a little fox on my garden gate. Suddenly IContinue reading “Home improvements”

Trumpet fanfare!!

Finally it’s here! The VIRTUAL PANDEMIC EXHIBITION of 2020 by the Pastel Society of Ireland. It’s been a challenging year. Across the whole world we are agreed on that. Its been full of tears and fears and loss and loneliness. But it’s also shown us unexpected joys and love and new friendships and hopes. ThroughoutContinue reading “Trumpet fanfare!!”

All good things to those who wait…

Now I know you’ve all been looking forward to the exhibition of 2020 with baited breath: And with good reason because I’ve seen some of the work and it is exquisite. But like they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for and so the exhibition is going to be fashionably late, withContinue reading “All good things to those who wait…”