Taking flight – Work in progress

As I mentioned before I’m working on a series of sea birds that will all share space together – two large paintings of a heron and an egret that will bracket two smaller (but still pretty substantial) paintings of a cormorant and an avocet.

These are all birds that you can see in Dundrum Bay, Northern Ireland which, if you follow me, you’ll know is favourite place of all time ❤.

Cormorants coming out of the Bay.

It’s taking longer than i had imagined to make progress with the set – mainly because of other life distractions. But I’m enjoying seeing the heron come to life. I’ve almost finished the wing in the foreground now and hope to get much of the rest of the detail finished this weekend.

I’m chomping at the bit to tackle the iridescent plumage of the cormorant but for now need to focus on helping this boy to soar.

Here’s the story so far….

4 thoughts on “Taking flight – Work in progress

  1. This is amazing! I only recently got back into art when I started my animation channel on YouTube in January but they’re just doodles. This absolutely brilliant, incredible – there are no words!!


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