Take off

After a LOT of procrastination I’ve finally finished the first in my seabird series, the beautiful grey heron taking off.

Taking Flight, grey heron. Pastel on card; 50cm x 50cm

Honestly, these are my favourite birds. I’ve painted them a lot but this is the first time I’ve captured one in flight. I love their patient poise – with a hint of mystique; and then the epic flap of those massive wings as they take off. They are fabulous creatures.

Grey heron on Dundrum Bay

I’ve said before that i associate these birds with Dundrum Bay in Northern Ireland. This is my happy place – the light, the air, the shore, the mountains – it’s magical. So here’s another gratuitous video clip of Dundrum Bay at evening.

And finally, because this IS an art blog after all, here’s some up- close video footage of my painting

Taking Flight, pastel on card, 50 x 50 cm

So that’s one down, four to go. Next up will be a stunning egret, who I always think of as the companion bird to the heron. These two will be the two outside paintings of the set, bracketing a cormorant and an avocet in between. Stay tuned….

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