Wading in…

I feel like a naughty school child waiting outside the principal’s office to give an account of myself. It’s been at least 6 weeks where painting sadly has been abandoned whilst I have focused on transforming the bottom of my garden from jungle to fairy-lit patio.

Lockdown garden transformation #2

I’m so pleased with the results, but now it’s time to re-embrace art.

Thankfully rainy Bank Holiday Mondays were invented for singing along to 80s pop hits in my attic studio whilst tackling number 2 in my 4-seabird series – ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Avocet.

Avocet, pastel on card, 30cm x 30cm

So I’ve completed the large heron and a smaller avocet. Next up is my current work in progress, the cormorant, wings outstretched, drying in the sunshine, before we finish off with the heron’s companion painting, the beautiful white egret, still to come.

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