Countdown to…

…. the 2020 ‘Virtual Pandemic’ Exhibition by the Pastel Society of Ireland. This is one of the events that I’ve been working towards and I’ve got three paintings included in this really diverse exhibition. The exhibition will open on Saturday 7th November and will be avaliable to view and buy a range of original artContinue reading “Countdown to…”

“The present is the point at which time touches eternity”

The quote is from CS Lewis and I guess it bears no correlation at all to the image, except both make me pause and reflect. That’s my dog in the photograph, racing the beach and living his best life. He turned 11 yesterday and I know that our time together is limited, but this imageContinue reading ““The present is the point at which time touches eternity””

Where the sky meets the sea.

Is there anything in life more joyous than a border collie on a beach? This beach (Murlough Beach, near Dundrum in Northern Ireland), where the mountains of Mourne (in the far right) sweep down to the sea, is my happy place. And seemingly also my dog Patches’ happy place. Today we’ve walked the shore andContinue reading “Where the sky meets the sea.”