New year, new perspectives

A happy new year to you all.

I always love new year’s day (much more than new year’s eve) – so full of promise and potential, though for the most part, we need to create these for ourselves.

It’s a beautiful day here in NI. We’re still under a pretty restrictive lockdown, but i think most of us feel hopeful about what 2021 can bring.

So far today I’ve taken down my Christmas tree and put it in the garden where it will hopefully grow.

I’m planning to reclaim my attic (where i have my studio) from the cardboard box graveyard that it has become. And then I’m going to get stuck into my new painting.

I started it yesterday though I’ve been thinking about it for months.

I love painting water and recently been focusing on how light filters through underwater. I’ve been thinking about forests of sea kelp. And that started me thinking about kelpies- the Scottish water horses that lure their victims down to the deep. So my latest painting, The Kelpies, is a departure for me from purely literal realism to toy with other themes and genres.

I’m finding it challenging, with lots more detail and development to come. And I’m not sure that it will go where i want it to. But let’s step bravely into new styles, approaches, perspectives and experiences as we step into 2021.

May it be a better one for us all xx

The Kelpies- 50cm x 70cm – work in progress

New paintings for sale

Fresh from a recent all-Ireland art-in-lockdown exhibition by the Pastel Society of Ireland, I’m really pleased to be able to offer three new original paintings for sale on my shop page.

First my two beloved polar bears – “Into the Blue” and “Svalbard”.

Each is an impactful 50cm x 70cm and they each stand alone or with brilliantly as a pair.

INTO THE BLUE – Large original pastel painting of #polarbear diving into #arctic #sea #polar #animal #winter #ice #tundra #subaqua Soft pastels on Clairefontaine pastelmat card. 50cm x 70cm
SVALBARD – Large original pastel painting of #polarbear in #arctic #sea. 50cm x70cm. Soft pastel on Clairefontaine pastelmat card

And finally, sticking with wintry wildlife, though this time closer to home, a doe and her calf – part of the herd at Gosford Forest in Northern Ireland. 30cm x 30cm in pastel.

DOE AND CALF – Original soft pastel painting on Clairefontaine pastelmat card of #doe and her #calf in #winter #landscape. #deer 30cm x 30cm

Brand new range of prints

New limited edition stock available on the shop page

So excited by how good my new range of prints looks that I’ve literally just spread them all out over my sofa to see them together… professional presentation – not!  Beautiful prints? Yes please 🙂

Just arrived today and only a very few copies of each.  Get them on my shop page before they sell out.

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A new piece

Tonight i finished a painting. I like the back story to this one – I had donated a painting of a bluetit with cherry blossom as a prize in a lockdown charity zoom quiz.

By a strange quirk the quiz master won the painting, but then i felt bad ‘cos he didn’t seem a bluetit and cherry blossom kind of guy , and y’know, wherever my paintings end up, I want them to be a good match. So instead i offered to paint whatever else they wanted and they chose this – the KEA – a bird I hadn’t heard of till a few weeks ago.

I love the blurry out of focus of the background and wingtips to suggest movement contrasted with the sharp focus of the head and that flash of scarlet.

Have just finished a mammoth session at the easel and though I’ll check it again in daylight, for tonight I’m calling time on this one.

So one painting ends and another begins. I’ve got 3 commissions left before Christmas and then I have big plans for a big self-indulgent painting project in the new year…. I’m excited and daunted. And you’re just going to have to watch this space.

Night night folks

From all endings come new beginnings…

Turn of the Seasons by Julie Wilson, 70cm x 50cm
Soft pastel on pastelmat

A few weeks ago I posted about the turn of the seasons. Our latest lockdown (still in place) had just started, with restrictions on socialising indoors as well as the closure of cafés and bars. Compounding this was the looming end of British summertime, when the clocks fall back by an hour, ushering in long dark Northern wintry nights. I usually dread this time of year and mourne the long days of summer.

This year has been different. My dog and I have been celebrating the gorgeous deserted wintry beaches of Northern Ireland.

Belfast Lough and Bangor, from Ballyholme

Faced with the end of the summer we jumped in the car and headed to our nearest nice beach – Ballyholme, in Bangor, Northern Ireland – and chased frisbees and sea birds while the daylight started to fade till it was just a strip of silver reflected on the wet sand along with the distant streetlights from across Belfast Lough.

The summer has definitely ended and become a memory, but for once I’m embracing the beauty of the approaching winter and enjoying impromptu outdoors car-boot picnics with friends, warming ourselves up with hot soup after chilly beach walks.

I’ve been inspired to capture that evening in a new painting “Turn of the Seasons” (you can see it the start of this post). It’s been a joy to work on and I’ve been excited to watch it come together.

I’ve just put the finishing touches to the painting this morning and I’m stepping away from the easel with a lovely sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing something that I’m proud of, that captures the fleeting beauty of a cold wintry beach in lockdown and (I hope) the peace and gratitude and wonder that I experienced being on it.

I hope you enjoy. I’ll be adding it to my portfolio and i plan to get some limited edition prints, so do get in touch if you’re interested in one.

Trumpet fanfare!!

Finally it’s here!

The VIRTUAL PANDEMIC EXHIBITION of 2020 by the Pastel Society of Ireland.

It’s been a challenging year. Across the whole world we are agreed on that. Its been full of tears and fears and loss and loneliness. But it’s also shown us unexpected joys and love and new friendships and hopes.

Throughout it all creativity has been a godsend to many – a release; an escape; a strength – whether through gardening, poetry, DIY or (as with us) pastel art.

This online virtual exhibition, launching today at brings together 54 works by 24 Irish artists to celebrate the highs and lows of


The exhibition draws out the themes that have connected and brought us together as families and communities this year – love, loneliness, nature – even as we’ve been held apart.

It will be online until 7 December with a new featured artist everyday. Why not join us and take a virtual tour.

Julie Wilson


All good things to those who wait…

Now I know you’ve all been looking forward to the exhibition of 2020 with baited breath:

Pastel Society of Ireland art in lockdown

And with good reason because I’ve seen some of the work and it is exquisite.

Into the Blue by Julie Wilson
Large original pastel painting – Soft pastels on Clairefontaine pastelmat card. 50cm x 70cm

But like they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for and so the exhibition is going to be fashionably late, with a new start date of 12 November. There will be daily featured artists from 16 November and the exhibition closes, with me as the featured artist on 7 December.

Find it at

It will include 54 works by 24 Irish artists from across the island of Ireland tackling big themes with an age-old medium in new and fresh ways. Check it out.

And it’s already generating media interest.

The countdown is on, with just a few more days to go until it opens its (virtual) doors. In the meantime, here’s a sneaky peak at some of the art you can enjoy (and buy) at it.

Svalbard – by Julie Wilson
Large original pastel painting of – 50cm x70cm.
Soft pastel on Clairefontaine pastelmat card
Doe and calf – by Julie Wilson
Original soft pastel painting on Clairefontaine pastelmat card 30cm x 30cm


  hours  minutes  seconds


Virtual Pandemic Exhibition

Countdown to…

…. the 2020 ‘Virtual Pandemic’ Exhibition by the Pastel Society of Ireland.

This is one of the events that I’ve been working towards and I’ve got three paintings included in this really diverse exhibition.

Into the Blue
Large original pastel painting of #polarbear diving into #arctic #sea #polar #animal #winter #ice #tundra #subaqua Soft pastels on Clairefontaine pastelmat card. 50cm x 70cm

The exhibition will open on Saturday 7th November and will be avaliable to view and buy a range of original art from all across Ireland at http://www.islandartscentre/exhibitions

It brings together a diverse collection of art to mark what has been such a challenging year for everyone. Throughout 2020, in the face of the physical threats posed by COVID-19 and the hardships and challenges of lockdown, one factor that has become obvious across the world has been the importance of creativity to our sense of wellbeing – be that through gardening, home improvements, craft, or – in our case – pastel painting.


Large original pastel painting of #polarbear in #arctic #sea. 50cm x70cm. Soft pastel on Clairefontaine pastelmat card

Whilst we have been unable to host what would have been our 31st Annual Exhibition, instead we are able to invite people into the socially distanced world of our Virtual , Pandemic Exhibition 2020 – a collection of 54 works from 24 of our members, from across the whole of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The artists participating in the exhibition have breathed new life into the centuries-old medium of pastels, producing a diverse range of fresh, innovative and at times challenging works.

The themes covered are familiar and relevant to all of us in these unique times and touch on the importance (or absence) of family, community, love, nature, the environment, the temporal and the permanent – all of the things that connect us, even while the need for social distancing and ongoing lockdown restrictions keep us apart.

Doe and Calf
Original soft pastel painting on Clairefontaine pastelmat card of #doe and her #calf in #winter #landscape. #deer 30cm x 30cm

All of the artists who have contributed to the exhibition are members of the Pastel Society of Ireland, which brings together pastel artists from across the whole of the island of Ireland to promote the use of this medium.

Please join us



  hours  minutes  seconds


Virtual Pandemic Exhibition 2020

“The present is the point at which time touches eternity”

Ballyholme Beach, October 2020

The quote is from CS Lewis and I guess it bears no correlation at all to the image, except both make me pause and reflect.

That’s my dog in the photograph, racing the beach and living his best life. He turned 11 yesterday and I know that our time together is limited, but this image of him racing into the sea will always cheer me.

I used this picture in a previous post – it celebrated the turn of the seasons, autumnal beaches and wintry socially distanced car boot picnics with friends that were good for the soul.

I knew when i took the photo that I’d want to try to capture the evening clouds spread out across a big sky and the lights and shadows of Belfast Lough reflected across the wet sand in pastel.

I’ve loads more to do, but I’m pleased with the progress so far.

Time is fleeting. I’ve had a glorious week of beach walks and painting and no time commitments – which sadly comes to an end tomorrow with a return to the office, so no doubt my progress will slow down.

For now I’ll leave you with thoughts of dogs racing across beaches and time galloping apace, with this timelapse video of progress.

Painting like the divil is chasing me.
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